V.me by Visa. The new way to pay simply and securely online

  • Introducing a payment method that saves you time when you shop online.
  • No need to enter your card details at checkout, saving you time and effort.
  • Add your cards to a secure digital wallet provided by a bank or building society of your choice.
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What V.me by Visa users are saying about it

"I would recommend it to everybody. It’s a very simple effective and easy way of making payments online.”

“I’ve become more spontaneous. I don’t need to go looking for my wallet or credit card anymore.”

“I don’t see a limit to it. Anywhere where I can shop online, I want to be able to use V.me by Visa.”

Once you’ve registered, pay quickly and securely in 4 simple steps

Step 1

Look for V.me by Visa at checkout

When you’re shopping online, look for the V.me by Visa button alongside other payment methods.

Step 2

Log in securely

Simply log in with your email address and password. Forget the hassle of filling in forms every time you shop.

Step 3

Select your card

Select a card to pay with. You can save up to 10 cards in your digital wallet. All major card types are accepted.

Step 4

Select ‘Pay’

Your payment will be processed securely and you will be taken back to the retailer for confirmation. It’s that easy.

V.me by Visa is simple and easy to use

Faster and more convenient

There’s no need to enter long card numbers when you checkout. So it makes paying online quick and easy.

Perfect for smartphones and tablets

Pay quickly and easily on any device, wherever you are.

Available at a huge range of retailers

You can pay with V.me by Visa at thousands of online stores. Just look for the V.me by Visa button when you checkout.

Security by Visa and leading banks

Advanced security technology

Visa provides an extra layer of security to protect your cards. With V.me by Visa you can pay online without exposing your card details to the retailer.

Consumer protection

You will not be responsible for any unauthorised charges made using your digital wallet, as long as you take reasonable precautions to keep your V.me by Visa password safe (subject to your card issuer’s terms and conditions).

Backed by 50 years of Visa security

No other payment brand is more widely accepted around the world than Visa – and no other brand is more trusted to provide simple, secure, cashless payments.

Join the thousands of shoppers already using V.me by Visa

Get a wallet

Where can I pay with V.me by Visa?

You can already pay with V.me by Visa at thousands of stores and we’re launching with more leading retailers soon. Just look for the V.me by Visa button at checkout.

Register now

Register now for your digital wallet which allows you to save your cards online so you can checkout simply and securely wherever V.me by Visa is accepted.

More banks and building societies will be offering V.me by Visa soon.

You can also register at checkout

Register for V.me by Visa at checkout

Choose a wallet

Register your details

Add a card & pay

Got a question?

A digital wallet is a service that allows you to securely save all your debit, credit and pre-paid card details online.

It saves you time and effort when you shop online because, instead of manually entering your card details when you checkout, you simply log into your digital wallet with your email address and password.

No, You can store all major card types in your digital wallet which you can then use to make payments when shopping online.
No, your digital wallet is for making payments at online retailers only.
You are registering for a V.me by Visa wallet provided and managed by a bank or building society of your choice. You can then store all your cards, from any bank or building society, in your digital wallet.

No problem. You can register for a Nationwide Digital Wallet, for example, even if you don’t have an account with Nationwide. You can add cards from any EU bank.

Your details will be completely safe and will only be used for the purpose of securely processing your V.me by Visa payments, and helping you manage your wallet.

No, you are not entering a credit agreement with a bank or building society, so creating a wallet has no impact on your credit rating.
Yes, We use sophisticated anti-fraud and security technology to keep your card details and payments secure. Furthermore, paying with V.me by Visa shields your full card details from the website you’re making a payment to.
You can add Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards to your digital wallet.
Yes, once you have created a digital wallet you can add cards from any EU bank or building society.

A rapidly growing payment method

Launching across Europe

Available at a huge range of retailers

All major card types accepted